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DBX Issue: SQL*EXEC window prefills column and database names without brackets

Name: SQL*EXEC window prefills column and database names without brackets
ID: 5
Project: DBX
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Donald Langhorne
Created: 11/16/08 9:47 PM
Updated: 11/18/08 11:20 AM
Description: First off, GREAT product. Very impressive.

I found when I was editing a view that was called 'Accounting Details' that when I clicked on 'SQL*EXEC' link it opened the popup window and prefilled the query for that view, however when I ran it I got an error, after inspecting the error and the sql, it was self-evident that the view name was not enclosed in brackets.

I personally avoid tables and columns with spaces in them, but for the product I am using, we do use views and column names that are "friendly", which almost always means spaces.

In my own coding, I find if I always enclose columns and tables with brackets [] I can avoid this pitfall...


Don Langhorne
History: Created by dlangh (Don L) : 11/16/08 9:47 PM

Updated by websolete (Kevin Miller) : 11/18/08 11:20 AM
Column names are now [bracketized] when launching SQL*EXEC window from table or view details.

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